Conor McGregor Red Panties in a Bunch After UFC 196 Smackdown

Dear Mr. Devlin, …ahem, Conor McGregor. Please, void yourself of the red panties bunched up your arse (as you UK folk say). Accept the defeat you openly received at UFC 196 by the hands of Nate Diaz. Suck it up brah, you got your fucking ass handed to you as you rolled over and gave a black belt your back (Gracie BJJ black belt….mind you)…you disrespectful cunt.

You panicked.

You were outclassed.

Nothing your movement teacher taught you was any help while getting out grappled.

…”Cause if you don’t know, now you know N*****” … (Notorious)

Yes, we’ve heard your excuse. You were simply inefficient with your energy. Good one. I would say you were inefficient with your ground game. I would say you were inefficient at taking a shot. Nate had you dazed brah, and he landed way less shots than you did. Your chin is suspect to me. I’ll call it right now. You’re gonna get knocked-the-fuck-out in your next fight.

You talked so much shit, you were so fucking cocky, and all you’ve fought are midgets. Nate Diaz called it little homie! You fought a bunch of nobody’s and touted your way to the top by suckling Dana White’s and Lorenzo Fertita’s teets and now you want to be their daddy and call the shots on promotion? You’re fucking nobody without the UFC. Don’t ever forget that. And now you know it. Dana and Lorenzo know it also, and now they’re going to prove a point to you and not give you the UFC 200 fight. Maybe you’ll be around for 300…doubt it.

You could have been a man about it and showed up to the promotional event. But then you would have had to look your superior in the eye as he flashes 209 at your stupid ass and taunts you endlessly for giving up and letting him tap your ass out. Now your trigger fingers have turned to Twitter fingers. We all know you’re fucked in the head after that fight. I mean, who wouldn’t be…right?  We can all see your confidence dragging on the ground as your social spouting tries to prove to us otherwise.

A man is a man in victory and defeat. Unfortunately, your actions in and outside of the octagon have proven otherwise. Your character is battered and you stand as a fraud. There’s no moving forward in your mind unless you can try and erase the defeat you just tasted. Somehow you think a fast, instant rematch with Nate Diaz is going to remedy everything. You’re fucking it all up.

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