Anderson Silva Injured Hall Off UFC 198 Card

UFC 198 Looses Silva and Hall as Co-Main Event

Another tainted UFC card as Anderson Silva has emergency surgery on his gall bladder just days out from UFC 198. The UFC had been hoping to keep Uriah Hall on the card by finding him a new opponent but that has fallen through. Hall, a calculating and intelligent fighter probably knew the risk involved in taking on any last minute fighter, especially one after preparing for Anderson Silva. I don’t think Hall would have taken any opponent at this late period, not even Conor McGregor.

Every PPV UFC Event Suffers a Fighter Injury

In no way is it Anderson Silva’s fault that he suffered this gall bladder incident. It is suspect though that it happened this week, days before the event, when most fighters are cutting weight to make the fight. Who knows if his health emergency was due to his weight cut or just a coincidence. The fact is, a lot of fighters cut a lot of weight in a very short amount of time by dehydrating themselves. Renan Barao is known to cut 25-30 pounds before a fight. Last year he cut so much weight before his rematch with TJ Dillashaw that he passed out cracked his head on the bathroom floor causing him to be pulled from the card the day before the fight. The UFC responded by reprimanding Barao and not letting him fight for 6 months. It appeared as though the UFC was on it’s way to set a precedent when it came to fighters being pulled from PPV cards. Alas, it still continues.

When is the UFC going to start levying fines against fighters who are forced to remove themselves from an event at the last minute? Fighters need to train smarter. Just last month for UFC 197, Daniel Cormier was forced to withdraw due to an injury he sustained during training days out from the fight. How stupid can you be? It’s becoming an epidemic in the UFC just as much as steroids were (are). It would not be a surprise to learn that some fighters are using this last minute withdrawal as a tactic. Just as Conor McGregor. He was set to fight Rafael Dos Anjos for the Lightweight Division Championship Belt. Dos Anjos bowed out 10 days before the fight and McGregor took Nate Diaz as a replacement. McGregor went from being the most feared man in MMA to another fighter who has holes in his game. Would the same thing have happened if he had fought Dos Anjos? Hard to say, however, Dos Anjos probably has a totally different view on Conor Mcgregor’s game now. So if it was a tactic to ice his opponent, it certainly worked.

Cormier Iced Jon Jones Before Their Title Fight at UFC 197

Daniel Cormier hates Jon Jones. He’s admitted it. He loathes him and wants nothing more than to beat him and take his belt. So like a clutch kicker in the NFL who hasn’t missed a field goal all year long, what do you do to turn the momentum your way? You ice them. You wait until they’ve spent their entire training camp thinking of you in the octagon against them. They’ve visualized it so much and has been such a motivator on those tough days. They’re eating and breathing with you on their mind 24/7. And then suddenly, you’re no longer their opponent. Fighters can say whatever they want but we all know how demotivating that must feel when the fight is still there, but the opponent has changed. It’s a mind game folks. Cormier knows this. He knows for their next fight Jon Jones is going to constantly be thinking, is he going to show up? It’s going to throw Bones off his game, even if it’s by just a little. Every little edge Cormier can get on Jon Jones is in his favor. And in the meantime he gets to keep his belt and mind-fuck Jones until they finally meet in the Octagon again.

UFC Crack The Whip On These Mind Game Tactics

Dana White and the UFC crew need to kill this bullshit that has progressively gotten worse over the years. Fans pay good money to see their favorite fighters fight. With at least one main card fight being pulled every PPV event, it’s no wonder why sales are slumping. For fans that paid to see Anderson Silva fight, they get screwed. For the fans that paid to see Cormier and Jones settle their feud after a long comeback, they got royally screwed. It’s time the UFC does some screwing to their fighters. There needs to be processes in place where fighters are reprimanded or fined by withdrawing from fights and the closer the fight is, the worse these fines should be. As it stands right now, there are no repercussions if a fighter bows out. Maybe they’ll think twice about the way they train and make weight if there are punishments for their idiotic behavior. Until then, it’s the fans that get punished, paying fans. Think about that Dana.

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