Tyrone Woodley Knocks Himself Out at UFC 214

Woodley’s Win Against Maia is the Champs Biggest Loss

The Champ is here…the Champ is here…

Woodley is the champ, but is that what we really admire? Is that what we love about the fight game? Is being the champ eeking out a decision win by design?

Raise of hands? Who wanted to see Tyrone Woodley go fucking  bananas on Damien Maia and knock his even-keeled demeanor the-fuck-out?!

C’mon Woodley. Why are you here? Tell me why!


Good for you bruh, you stuffed his take-downs. Thanks for putting us through your morning workout. Next time, can you show up and fight, and not look like a scared amateur who’s never rolled with a BJJ black belt? Or maybe follow up your take-down defense with a hammer fist, an elbow, a fucking knee!?

Clearly Dana White saw the same PPV fight everyone else did. I mean shit, the chick that fought Cyborg had more balls than you out there. I ain’t even gonna play soft to you bruh-bruh. You had me fan-fucking-furious. This is my homey that knocked my other homie, Lawler, flat on his ass? I mean you’re whole game plan was to stuff his takedowns and??? It was painful to watch. Congratulations on your win, but Dana White seemed super pissed-off in the post-fight presser. He was scoffing at every mention of you and GSP at Madison Square Garden. HAHA Madison Square Garden…your ass will not see MSG fighting like that. Guaranteed your next fight will be co-main event (at best) in Las Vegas, simply because Las Vegas is cheaper to produce being the headquarters of the UFC.

Instead of Woodley vs GSP, you get to sit ringside and wave to the camera while Bisping’s legacy grows and your’s plateau’s.

As a fan, there’s hope that you won’t see this fight as a win. We hope to see the guy who broke some Indian actor’s ribs, that we don’t give two-shits about, enter the octagon to become victorious in war. Dana White saw a scared champion scared to lose his belt at UFC 214. We all did. What would the pressure of fighting one of the greatest of all time in George St Pierre do to you? You can’t argue now, considering the performance you gave us against Maia. You broke records. The fewest punches thrown in a championship fight. Blah, blah, you stuffed take downs. Honestly the judges you could have thrown it Maia’s way for pushing the action. It was his offense that dictated the entire fight. Think about that. He dictated that entire fight.

Congratulations champ.